You made me feel shiny and new!!

Welcome to 2014! Wash off that hangover you sick little puppies, grab a berocca and read along with me! With the new year brings a brand new blog. I have been evolving over the years and after a hectic ‘fashion … Continue reading

GIRLPOWER + a 10% discount!

The Spice Girls introduced a girlfraaaand frenzy back in the 90’s with their first single “Wannabe”…a great song (yes, it was great, don’t judge me) and a brand new phrase “Girl Power”. A bunch of girls out there singing about their … Continue reading

Poo Brown Vintage…

While shooting this outfit, I kept smelling a poo waft…every time the wind picked up it was there again! Then I saw it in the bushes and avoided it, as you do, like the plague until I walked back inside when finished and realised I had stepped on a nice big freshy thanks to THIS culprit… Continue reading

Perth Op Shops – my tick off list!

I use a couple of Perth Op Shop list guides on the internet, however a LOT of them are out-dated and I find myself looking at the front of something that isn’t in fact a Vinnies that was listed after I just took the half an hour drive! So I am in the process of compiling a list myself…. Continue reading