Op Shop Wedding DIY with bride.com.au

It’s been 8 years since my wedding, yes that made me a very young bride at the ripe age of 23, but how dare I push any type of wedding DIY to the side just because I’M not going to … Continue reading

Rough Terrain: Restyle Day 30

Memories are rushing back to 1988, I am in my backyard playing “Armies” with my big brother, who would always play games with me as a kid, being that I was such a tom boy I fit right in. So, … Continue reading

Avoid the plumber crack: Restyle Day 26

High waisted jeans, something I cringed at only a couple of years ago, for what reasons? The long butt! Well, be that as it may, after purchasing many high waisted pieces lately I am noticing the benefits more than the … Continue reading

BOOM BOOM POW!!!: Restyle Day 19

If you were a super hero – what special powers would you want? For me, I think I’d want to be able to teleport, imagine all the savings of time and money when teleporting to London or America in a … Continue reading

Start Small, Think Big: Indiah Lavers Interview for Restyle 2013

When I was 14 (OMG, 17 years ago!) I had a fire in my belly, a fire of motivation and creativity. I spent hours writing short stories, drawing clothing and making many ‘logos’ for the surf brand which I wanted … Continue reading

It’s a nice day for a…white wedding!: Restyle Day 13

What was your wedding budget? If you’re not married – what do you THINK a wedding budget should be? $20k – $80k? The mind is boggled, for just one day? I had to give you all a look into a … Continue reading

Mixing prints & styles!: Restyle Day 4

Day 4: Mixed Prints I’ll admit that mixing prints is something that I am totally scared of…it’s not often that I do this so to put stripes with an Aztec print is pretty safe to be honest but this bomber … Continue reading

THE MOVIE – Where the styled things are…

It’s like Christmas here at Where the styled things are headquarters! I am THAT excited about Restyle this year because of my involvement with it. A chance to show off my styling, blogging, writing, direction and artistic abilities with Perth … Continue reading

Why was that top so expensive at an Op Shop?

A KMart top – for $4, when you can get it brand new for that? I hear common complaints regularly about Op Shop prices, some op shops really are taking the brunt of these complaints. I understand that some stores … Continue reading