Creatively Creative with Ruby Slipper

Photo by Sheridan Nilsson Photography There’s no time like the present, and after announcing the brand new sections on the blog I felt the first one to go up had to be not only creative but beautiful also. Beautiful how? … Continue reading

You made me feel shiny and new!!

Welcome to 2014! Wash off that hangover you sick little puppies, grab a berocca and read along with me! With the new year brings a brand new blog. I have been evolving over the years and after a hectic ‘fashion … Continue reading

Christmas Winners!

It’s Christmas morning, most of you are waking up with kids, presents and lots of Christmas breakfast foods. I was awaken to a lovely message from a blogger friend and we have just spent the morning unwrapping presents for the … Continue reading

BACK2BASICS – summer edition

Here I was, buying only stand out pieces, and wondering why the hell I couldn’t string together a good enough outfit. These stand out pieces were, alone, amazing, but they are forever on my floor in a pile of “Don’t … Continue reading

Restyle on Runway – WE DID IT!!!

The pièce de résistance…Restyle on Runway! Which as you all know was not just something that was slapped together in a few weeks, so of course it was the top show to go to (haha). ‘Blogging’ a few years ago … Continue reading

MELT – Emerging Designers

Starting out in the fashion industry – it’s hard! With already established designers in every corner, photographers, bloggers, journo’s, hair & makeup artists, models….it’s an industry that is not only hard to get noticed in but it takes a lot … Continue reading

The Restyle Wrap: Restyle Day 31

Yo yo yo, whaddup restylers, we gonna wrap, we gonna wrap it up…like a present like a gift, let’s start day one with pink. Check out my balloons do I look like a bafoon? Jumping in the air like I … Continue reading