Last chance to win!

Does the end of the year bring you back to school days? Those bubbly butterflies flittering around in your stomach because you get to come to school with casual clothes on, and bring chips and drink for in school parties? … Continue reading

Obsessive Creative Designs Jumpsuit XMAS GIVEAWAY 3!

You may have seen this jumpsuit before, but Kirsty from Obsessive Creative Designs is busy designing a new collection around her cute little caravan that she is doing up little by little. This “Adelle Jumpsuit” (Yes, it’s named after ME!) … Continue reading

Flamingo-go: Restyle day 18

It’s crazy to think that every few years fashion does a full circle and all of a sudden you look like your Mum 40 years ago! Kirsty from Obsessive Creative Designs picked up this flamingo material to make something for … Continue reading

L.A.M.B: Restyle Day 14

The expectations of using wool in my outfit were pretty high for Day 14, but knowing that my sister had lambs on hand at her farm was more than enough reason for me to ditch the idea of that sloppy, … Continue reading

It’s a nice day for a…white wedding!: Restyle Day 13

What was your wedding budget? If you’re not married – what do you THINK a wedding budget should be? $20k – $80k? The mind is boggled, for just one day? I had to give you all a look into a … Continue reading

Shotgun Wedding

It’s all things wedding on Where the styled things are at the moment, after shooting one of the restyle prompts this weekend “Tying the knot” just the weekend before I went back to my home town….little old Merredin. Kirsty from … Continue reading

I’m throwing a Flamingo Party!!

What noise does a flamingo make? I don’t know either…but in my head it’s a magnificent noise only to be accompanied by glitter and confetti thrown at the same time. Maybe not, however I am throwing a flamingo party to … Continue reading

Spring is here….?!

Oh wait…ummm…no it isn’t? It’s just that, Kirsty from OCD is prancing like a deer, foot loose and fancy free around Merredin in her beautifully coloured Carrie Skirts. They are just one piece from her new collection that she will … Continue reading

Flamboyant Flamingo’s!

Did you know that a flock of flamingo’s is called a flamboyance? How very camp! It’s quite fitting really that I should have a slight obsession with flamingo’s here at Where the styled things are, given that it is all … Continue reading

Hello hello hello Carrie!

I’m a right proper tom boy I am…and after most of my years of being a jeans and ugg boot wearing kinda country gal I did break out of the scene slightly only a few years back. That being said…the … Continue reading