Christmas Winners!

It’s Christmas morning, most of you are waking up with kids, presents and lots of Christmas breakfast foods. I was awaken to a lovely message from a blogger friend and we have just spent the morning unwrapping presents for the … Continue reading

Op Shop Wedding DIY with

It’s been 8 years since my wedding, yes that made me a very young bride at the ripe age of 23, but how dare I push any type of wedding DIY to the side just because I’M not going to … Continue reading


Remember these from our childhood? That is if you were a 70s & 80s babies, sorry if your a 90’s baby, you missed out on awesome times! My Mum had them everywhere! Well, macramé is back in a big way, … Continue reading

Chalkboard Paint DIY

Well folks, I am back on the DIY wagon, and I know in previous times I have made DIY look pretty easy, and they have been. However being the baby giraffe that I am, many times have been spent glueing … Continue reading

Wandering Gypsy (DIY): Restyle Day 27

I know not enough of the Wandering Gypsy…but I do know that when I found this $4 vest that I had to divulge into the era. The flower crown was a very quick DIY that readers have asked me to … Continue reading

I heart op shopping: Restyle Day 16

It’s no secret! I really do LOVE Op Shopping! The video that I posted on the 31st of July was one that just proved this! (You can see it here if you missed out). We took to the Rockingham Good … Continue reading

DIY Blazin’ a Blazer: Restyle Day 10

Blazers really are something a girl can never have too many of, and I am one of those girls who has about 15 of them! In fact, I counted 4 black blazers the other night. We all have our obsessions … Continue reading

Shotgun Wedding

It’s all things wedding on Where the styled things are at the moment, after shooting one of the restyle prompts this weekend “Tying the knot” just the weekend before I went back to my home town….little old Merredin. Kirsty from … Continue reading