Crazy Prints @ Enex100 Shopping party.

Wave a shopping night in front of my face mid week and you can guarantee I’ll be there with bells on (jingle bells of course!!) Enex100 really did put on the works last week at the Inspire Shopping party, with … Continue reading

Avoid the plumber crack: Restyle Day 26

High waisted jeans, something I cringed at only a couple of years ago, for what reasons? The long butt! Well, be that as it may, after purchasing many high waisted pieces lately I am noticing the benefits more than the … Continue reading

Christmas Wishlist…

Most of these are pretty inexpensive with the exception of a couple…but if you are looking for a gift for one of the ladies in your life…here is a range of different pieces that might tickle their fancy in a range of different price! Most of them from my favourite shops!! Continue reading