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WTSTA is a PR and Media Friendly blog, I have already worked with many amazing brands and because I work on such a wide variety of topics, my door is always open. The WTSTA media kit will give you all the information that you need to know, who we have worked with, ambassadorships and statistics just ask to see it.

We are available for reviews, sponsored posts, interviews, guest posts, giveaways, brand ambassadorship and are more than happy to discuss other ways in which we could work together.

Please Note: We do only feature products and services on WTSTA that we have tried/used/eaten and loved – unlike magazines that feature what they’re sent, we’re quite particular as we are very honest to our readers. Our readers trust in us and we would never promote anything that could betray that trust. Just hit up Where the styled things are in the About & Contact to get in touch!

Upcycled Tyre Tube Accessories –  “It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Adelle from – Where the styled things are;  her input and enthusiasm are simply astonishing and she certainly has an ultimate ‘practise what you preach’ -approach”

Grand Circle – “Adelle, I’m so happy with the post, thank you so much for getting involved, its been a breeze communicating with you and I hope we can collaborate again in the future. Thanks again for the beautiful post, you’ve outlined Grand Circle’s key concepts and features perfectly while keeping the tone relatable, light and full of fun”

Good Sammies (PFF Restyle Campaign) – “Adelle – it was a pleasure to work with you recently during the Perth Fashion Festival “Restyle” event.  Your commitment and professionalism was fantastic.  You stayed on task throughout the gruelling month when you had a daily theme – a lot of thought and effort went into each and every one of those days throughout the month of September.  Your bubbly personality came through on your blogs, and they were very entertaining – I looked forward each day to see what you would come up with next.  Well done and I hope that we get the opportunity to work together in the near future!”

PR Agency for Philips – “This is amazing!! I love how you have incorporated the Philips VisaPure with other Spring essentials – and the photography by the pool looks so elegant. Very talented!!”

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