Christmas Winners!

It’s Christmas morning, most of you are waking up with kids, presents and lots of Christmas breakfast foods. I was awaken to a lovely message from a blogger friend and we have just spent the morning unwrapping presents for the … Continue reading

The newest salon in town – MEDOUSA

As a woman, I know the importance to surround yourself in beautiful things. It’s why we love to have a neat and tidy house, it’s why our Christmas trees are always so ‘perfect’ with matching colours, and don’t get me … Continue reading

What WTSTA did next…

I did it! I moved from North to South – a brave move I think considering the rivalry that a river between the two sides entails. Before you put on your boxing gloves though, the move to Rockingham area has … Continue reading

GIRLPOWER + a 10% discount!

The Spice Girls introduced a girlfraaaand frenzy back in the 90’s with their first single “Wannabe”…a great song (yes, it was great, don’t judge me) and a brand new phrase “Girl Power”. A bunch of girls out there singing about their … Continue reading

Behind the scenes.

The heat is on….on the street! This blog is on fire after the announcement of Restyle and the feature in The Sunday Times! What an amazing tornado – I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…except I do not … Continue reading


What a whirlwind of events this week! Where the styled things are have made a few appearances and I am pretty pooped. Sunday saw me dressed up in a beautiful green Petra Vanessie dress at the Perth Upmarket…if you were … Continue reading

I’m throwing a Flamingo Party!!

What noise does a flamingo make? I don’t know either…but in my head it’s a magnificent noise only to be accompanied by glitter and confetti thrown at the same time. Maybe not, however I am throwing a flamingo party to … Continue reading

Perth Fashion Festival Restyle 2013

I have a confession to make to you all, I have in fact been lying and keeping a really big secret from everyone for the last few months. I feel guilty. Ashamed. And frankly, just a little bit naughty. It’s … Continue reading