Environmental Tour – Local Love

naragebupLocal Love is close to home for me this week, as I explore all things flippered, scaled and finned at a cute little environmental centre…

A little while ago I decided that Sunday would be family orientated (in a ‘never take life for granted’ moment), it just so happened that my sister and her 3 kids were staying with us so we headed off to the Naragebup Environmental Centre in Rockingham to learn about the environment and the animals. My youngest niece especially loves animals so it was pretty exciting for me to see baby turtles but she was in her element also. Recently moving this side of the river, it’s been a great time to explore Rockingham so this was the perfect opportunity to check the centre out properly. The volunteers were a lovely bunch of ladies who gave us a tour of the inside, showing the kids all of the reptiles and telling us about the animals they rescue.



nara3The kids were then able to feed the big fish in the rock pool, they weren’t even grossed out by the fish guts and fish head food! The eel even came out to say hello and Miss D squealed in delight as he slinked around for some breakfast. Naragebup spend countless hours saving the wildlife, they had 2 baby turtles in their care, one which had his flipper bitten off. They keep them in small tanks until they grow bigger…eventually when they are big and strong they release them back into the wild.




Outside are eco-friendly gardens full of fruit and vegies, a playground for the kids and a chicken coop who were all very loud and happy, apparently they even told Miss D off for crying about her ice cream? With plenty of events such as an outdoor cinema, venue hire, school holiday activities and car boot sales! More on events here http://www.naragebup.org.au/#!events



nara7You can also donate to the NEC to keep this not-for-profit organisation running. The volunteers had SO much more to tell us…but I won’t give you all the details, I’d rather you go and check it all out yourself.

Entry Costs:
$7 Adults
$5 Children
Free Children under 5 (and members)
$20 Family of 4

Why not pop in for a look with OR without kids it’s a great place to explore, it’s open for most of the school holidays and weekends, maybe a ‘road trip’ from the city is on the cards?

Naragebup Environmental Centre: 49 Safety Bay Road, across from Richmond lake, also check out the website for everything you need to know.

One thought on “Environmental Tour – Local Love

  1. We have just found your blog, so glad you had a good time. The centre has struggled over the last couple of years but now has a new management committee and is working to build a team of local families with the enthusiasm to return it to its former glory! We wondered if we may use a couple of your photos for our new website and Facebook page?

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