WALNUT Melbourne

walnutmelbourne15Walnuts…not my favourite nut, I like a frozen macadamia nut to be honest, although when we are talking about shoes? Walnut Melbourne is definitely on my favourites! As part of the New Years Goals, Walnut Melbourne is getting involved in the “bring more colour into your wardrobe” goal.

I do love heels, I really do…but more often than not, especially for work it’s just practical to wear a cute flat instead. How much money do we spend on fancy, blingy and break your ankle heels? You wouldn’t even scoff at slapping down $100 on a pair of elegant and fabulous heels would you? It’s the kind of money you spend for a pair on your average day!

Photos by Steven Cousins


But when it comes to flats, $20 here and there, for maybe 3 months use out of them…some of my flats I wear so often that I have literally worn them into the ground and my toes are now popping out. But I refuse to ditch them because they are so comfortable and useful – they are an everyday wearing shoe after all!


walnutmelbourne9So with that compare how many times you wear those crazy awesome heels, to how many times you wear your flats? Is it even worth comparing, we both know that those heels you thought were amazing are now collecting dust in your cupboard, and the cheap flats that are falling apart as we speak on your feet are worn all day, every day! Is it worth spending $20, 4 times out of the year for your flats? Or is it more worth it spending $100 on one really great pair of flats that will last you years instead? I know which one I’ll choose!


walnut11Walnut Melbourne is BURSTING at the seams with flats, the “Emma lattice” flat find here being one of them (which is on SALE!) and pictured in this cute outfit post. I received them late afternoon in the post and by morning I was in them without even thinking of packing bandaids to help with “first day shoe wearing in”. 3 weeks later I haven’t had one blister. Oh and you know that smelly flat shoe stench you get? These flats are such good quality, and with the lattice, not one complaint from Steve on the fact that my feet are repulsive (haha!)


walnutmeloburne17Walnut Melbourne have such a huge assortment of flat shoes, sandals and a few boots which are worth every red cent! Cute, practical and very comfortable. In fact the Emma Lattice is ON SPECIAL RIGHT NOW for $54.98 click here to see all the flats.

Walnut Melbourne Website | Facebook | info@walnutmelbourne.com

Wearing: Flats by Walnut Melbourne | Spectacles from Sneaking Duck (more to come on them soon) | Playsuit by Valleygirl


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