Orange you glad you found this?

wednesdaywishlistWelcome to the FIRST Wednesday WISH list, as previously discussed, WTSTA is trying to bring a little more structure into the posts that means every fortnight I show you some favourite pieces that have graced my inbox that I “wish” I had.

I am sensing a slight colour theme this fortnight…with some really cute homeware and lifestyle products that tickled my fancy…in an effort to help charities where I can, a couple of these products profits go to a great cause! It’s obvious what my favourite colours are too…just click on the descriptions below the image to go straight to each product.


  1. Pineapple Lamp from Urban Couture $299
    It’s obvious I like my pineapples, this baby is on my wish list for this reason alone. Urban Couture, in fact have an abundance of Pineapple products, so if you are on the look out for this current trend, head here first!
  2. Ollipop – Pet Art $49
    As if I wouldn’t squeeze a dachshund in here first time around? Ollipop has some of the CUTEST little artworks from pieces like this to tropical prints. They really are the perfect accessory to any room in the house.
  3. Peace-BOMB Arrow necklace $80
    Crafted from unexploded ordnance and developed in collaboration with local Laos spoonmakers, each PeaceBOMB bracelet purchase helps support artisan families and the clearance of unexploded ordnance from their land. However ANY purchase from peaceBOMB helps to diversify income for these families, as well as with every purchase helps to clear 1 to 15 square meters of bomb-ridden land. You buy peaceBOMB jewellery – and you are helping!
  4. Flamingo I-phone case $59.95
    Tree Hugga is an eco-friendly company selling products that are organic, recycled, fair or sustainable! This case is 100% natural bamboo!
  5. Orange Felt Planter Pod $15
    Upcycle Studio is exactly what it says, a studio full of upcycled pieces from these cute little planter pots, to belts and bags, office accessories and kitchen placemats! Everything is upcycled which is why I love it!

I hope you enjoyed Wednesday Wish List! Come back next week for the Local Love of the week 🙂

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