Penny the Dachshund

fletchermay4To kick off the start of my ‘goals’ for 2014 “Getting Organised” is a big one on my list and it would seem a LARGE percentage of the rest of the world too wants to “get organised”. For me, getting organised on the blog is a huge one, that means planning ahead all blog posts! It also means more time for me to schedule free time in rather than declining friends plans so I can get posts in on time. So thank goodness for Fletcher & May






fletchermay9There has been many an event that I missed (blog AND friend/family related) due to my sloppiness and disorganization (and memory!), I needed a place to put these invites and bits of paper that I had written on. I started a chalk board but Steve thought it was hilarious to draw………male genitalia all over it (hahaha) so I scrapped that idea and went with a more practical idea. A magnet board! Actually, I called upon Fletcher & May who custom made a board for me!

I am delighted to introduce you to Penny the yellow Dachshund! She is a welcomed addition to the family as she sits proudly in my blog-room filled with many reminders and idea’s for the blog (oh and the invites!!) OK…so there are no invites up at the moment, Nancy no friends especially over christmas woops!

Penny is great for me because of my obvious ‘dachshund’ obsession but she is long enough to fit all these little bits of paper on, and I can see her working great in a kids room too. She is made entirely in South Australia from quality and durable materials and is light enough to be hung on most walls using 3M removable hanging strips – no drilling required. Penny comes in this gorgeous yellow and in 2 sizes, large & small.

Guess what? Fletcher & May have decided to add Penny the Dachshund to their range and you can buy here right here from just $59.95. In fact Fletcher & May sell a range of different shapes, sizes and colours of chalk boards AND magnet boards not JUST Penny, they also custom make just for you like this exclusive Penny board that I specifically asked for – check out their website here for a look at their range.

Fletchery & May Website | Facebook 

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