Creatively Creative with Ruby Slipper

rubyslipper3Photo by Sheridan Nilsson Photography

There’s no time like the present, and after announcing the brand new sections on the blog I felt the first one to go up had to be not only creative but beautiful also. Beautiful how? Lots and lots of flowers!! Meet Antonia Georgas, Principal Designer (AKA: Raddest florist around!!) for Ruby Slipper in Sydney, after a quick interview with Antonia I realised just how exciting her line of work is…

I say this because of the simple fact that she worked with Camilla Franks in 2012 for her “Gypset” fashion show, if you are unsure on who Camilla is, take a look here but in short she recreated the Kaftan and bought style to the idea of resort wear. More on this below, why don’t you stop and smell the roses, so to speak and have a read through what Antonia does – be inspired…

Welcome to “Creatively Creative” Antonia, let’s start with the simple questions…what exactly do you do? The short answer is that I’m a florist, however I like to think of myself as a provider of happiness, because my end product always brings joy to people.

rubyslipper9Photo by Sheridan Nilsson Photography

What’s your background? I have a degree in accounting which I almost didn’t finish, and I was working in the corporate world for about 10 years as and admin assistant ( accounting just wasn’t my thing) until I discovered floristry.

How did Ruby Slipper come to be? It was a very organic process.  I worked for a couple of florists before I started my own business from home which I worked on for 7 years.  I realised I really missed the personal interaction that you get from working in a retail environment so I purchased Ruby Slipper 3 years ago.


What is your biggest achievement yet? I loved working with Camilla Frank on her fashion show in 2012.  She wanted floral crowns for the girls and leis for the boys, which fit into the laid back life style of the Gypset.  I was provided with copies of the design of what the kids were going to wear who was going to wear each item.  She also wanted flower bracelets to be provided to her special guests sitting in the audience.

I met with Camilla and we chatted about the types of flowers that she likes and the look that she was after.  I did a couple of samples for her as well and we finalised everything.  I matched each floral crown and lei with the design for each child, and for the floral bracelets I made 200 bracelets of hyacinths and orchids of bright vibrant colours.  No two were the same.

Each floral bracelet was placed on the seat of her more important guests with a copy of the program and a goody bag.  The children came out onto the runway at the end of the show with Camilla wearing their leis and floral crowns.  I loved working with Camilla and her team.  They were all wonderful to work with. Putting together various ideas for her and experiencing production process of such an amazing event was a great experience for all of us girls who work here at Ruby Slipper.

Oh my gosh how beautiful are these kids??
How do you overcome dry spells/creative blocks? I find I never have creative blocks because I get my inspiration from the flowers that are in season at the time.  If I’m  having a complete block then I just wander around looking at nature and what it has to offer.

rubyslipper6Photo by Sheridan Nilsson Photography

What inspires you the most in your profession? Whatever flowers, foliage and other natural elements, such as branches, are in season.

rubyslipper1How do you challenge yourself in your work? I enjoy taking on projects where I have to create something I have never created before, but I know I will always find a solution to any problem by trying various techniques, and by making up some new techniques.

rubyslipperPhoto by Sheridan Nilsson Photography

If you had to be described in 3 words by your friends/family, what would they use and why? Tries different things, because I like experiencing out of the ordinary things, from food to holiday destinations.

rubyslipper2Above: December issue of Australian House and Garden, photo taken by Will Horner

Thank you Antonia for sharing your wonderful images and experiences with us here on the blog, I am already itching to cut my home grown roses from my garden and wrap them into a beautiful little bracelet! What an inspiration.

P: 02 8668 5172   E:  W: F:

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