You made me feel shiny and new!!

wtstalogo-2014aaWelcome to 2014! Wash off that hangover you sick little puppies, grab a berocca and read along with me!

With the new year brings a brand new blog. I have been evolving over the years and after a hectic ‘fashion year’ I started dipping my feet in the big pool of variety which I have featured here and there with a lot more lifestyle, food, DIY, health & fitness, op shopping, eco/cruelty free products and of course fashion still. The point of the mix up was to test the waters and see what you, the reader wants more of! And it would seem…you all kind of like a bit of everything.

But at the same time I am putting more routine in to Where the styled things are because 1. It saves me time and 2. There is always ‘something to look forward to’ each week for you guys. So with that I welcome 2 new sections of the blog which I will rotate each wednesday, these add a little bit of everything to the blog and give ME a chance to feature local’s and a lot of great products that I am being made aware thanks to press releases.

wednesdaywishlistWednesday wish list is something that is not only fun for me but a great way to feature some business’s that I am loving right now! I’ll feature a list of products that I am lusting over and you can click straight to the product or website.

localloveLocal Love is all about creative, business’s, shops, hand made, upcycled, restaurants and cafes, events, anything that is WA local I’ll feature on a fortnightly basis. If you want to be involved in any of these just hit me up!

To add to the 2 new sections I am also going to be running a lot of “2014 goal” blog posts…these are all really simple goals that we can all achieve together read more here, whether it is as small as bringing more colour into your wardrobe, or keeping fit, healthy and fantastic – they all apply and NO goal is silly. If you have a goal you want me to explore more of, just hit me up in the comments!

homesweethomeWe also have the ‘every now and then’ features too, that is in the form of Home Sweet Home with…which features beautiful work spaces and homes of many amazing people around Australia, you would be surprised at the inspiration you can pull from these creative spaces.

CREATAs well as Creatively Creative, a spot where I feature artists, designers, absolutely anything creative in fact! If YOU have a creative space, home or talent, do not be afraid to e-mail me as I’d love to feature you next!

Outfit posts will come back, and I’ll also feature a few more opshop hauls as requested by you! Maybe a few more photography and design tips – seeing that is my profession after all?

Folks, that wraps up 2013…I can’t wait to explore the new year with you…let’s kick butt!

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