Do you ever stick to your New Years Resolutions? If you ARE a stickler to making NY Reso’s every year then forget about them 2 weeks into the new year then welcome to society! We all do it. Don’t feel bad. I remember 2012 was all about learning a new word a week, this lasted a month and then I grew tired of trying to remember these big words and what they meant! 2013 I had a couple of NY Reso’s one being to buy a new house, but let’s face it the last 7 years that resolution pops up…thankfully 2013 saw me tick that one off the list! But I also wanted to learn a new language….turns out it’s 2 days out of 2014 and I am still no closer to ordering Mexican food in their native tongue! So much pressure to do these huge ideas of resolutions, why don’t we keep it simple?

2014 though, well 2014 proves to be the best New Years Resolutions yet! I am calling them goals instead, which makes them seem a little more substantial and…doable? This…is not just about me though my friends I’ll be helping you too…practical goals will be popping up on the blog for the next couple of months to encourage you. BIG like…feeling healthier? Or small…like getting the right pair of shoes to last you years!

migoals-2014-diary-Art-kraftThere may be a bit of a fashion theme involved to make it fun and while we’re at it, I want you to check in every now and then on the blog, on social media, tag some of your goals, or tell me about them! Heck ONE of my goals is to inspire my readers…and I’d love to tick that one off my list by 2015.

Resolutions, or goals, whatever you want to call them, do keep us inspired and excited as much as people HATE them or scoff at you for making a list, but thanks to Mi Goals I am able to keep these all on track too. If you want to join me in this process, it’s quite simple, just keep your eye on the blog as I explore brand new ideas and business’s to help you along the way. If you are serious about your goals though…head to Mi Goals and purchase your diary to keep track of everything!

Here are a few on my list in the way of blog posts…

  • Write down your Resolutions/goals – thank you Mi Goals!
  • Bring colour into your life
  • Purchase LESS – purchase more PRACTICAL
  • Healthy alternatives
  • Find cruelty free and eco products
  • Explore LOCAL business’s
  • Let’s get fit & fantastic
  • Splash out occasionally & spoil yourself
  • Try something new
  • Change your style
  • Make room in your wardrobe
  • Inspire & Create…the list goes on!

What will your goal’s be for the next year??

(Photo’s supplied by Mi Goals – head to the website here to help YOUR goals come to life!)


5 thoughts on “GOOOOOAL!

  1. We were just talking about our goals for the year, I personally don’t do resolutions but instead like to change little things about myself all the Time and it would seem I have kicked butt, I just came out of a hibernation kind of Christmas and discovered that all the things that used to concern me , do not any more and I am in a perfect position to help others close to me to achieve their happiness too. This year is about helping certain people close to me to resolve issues they have and just being there for them as a solid rock as I know exactly who I am and you can only help others when you know that

  2. No resolutions here, funnily enough I gave them up last year as part of my NY resolutions and it’s possibly the only resolution I’ve kept. lol

    Goals… I have no idea! Another first for me. Would like to finally get on top of my health issues so I can function out in the real world for more than a few hours but determined to find a way to start having a life again regardless.

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