Op Shop Wedding DIY with bride.com.au

weddingdiy1brideIt’s been 8 years since my wedding, yes that made me a very young bride at the ripe age of 23, but how dare I push any type of wedding DIY to the side just because I’M not going to go through another wedding? I already know some of you are going through the process right now! So with that I was called upon to collaborate and make my own DIY’s with a practical and informational Australian Bride Magazine and website – conveniently called bride.com.au which specialises in making things easier for you…the Bride. Because let’s face it, does the groom do anything but just turn up?

My DIY idea’s are all about saving money and being resourceful (like always!), albeit some of these ideas are very easy to do, they may take just a little bit of time and effort from you but it’s a great time to grab the girls and have a fun crafternoon. I understand weddings are stressful AND expensive so I have put these into consideration when coming up with ideas on setting up your table’s and the best part is there are no real steps to follow – everything YOU need to know is looking at you right in the face. So, if you are a bride on a budget and you can’t afford thousands of dollars to prettify your reception, and want to spend less than $20 per table – then scroll down…


Table decorations and flowers really can be expensive for a wedding with costs right up in the thousands for flowers alone, but the op shop has most of the things you need to get your table settings looking cute. I picked up a bunch of different glasses for $1 each which I placed upside down and put flowers inside, the flowers were just $10 a bunch from Coles which goes with my eclectic and crafty theme. Nescafe jars are also really great to keep or purchase from the Salvo’s Op Shop like I did for just $1.50 each, I have placed a photo of Steve and I in the jar as a bit of sentiment for the guests.



weddingdiy9Chalkboard Paint is my favourite, and really easy to use it’s just $12 from Bunnings, I simply painted straight on to the jars and the photo frame base and let dry so that I could use chalk on them for a real rustic and eclectic look for table numbers or even a special message for each table.

Lolly buffets are so in right now too, but why not bring the lolly buffet to each table and give your guests a sweet treat while they wait for dinner? The best thing about this – it’s a communal affair and it will have your guests chatting as well as the added bonus of this being your bonbonniere. I also placed knives and forks in jars just so that it brings a real casual feel to your day – if you are anything like me, I want good food, friends/family and laughter, not a posh affair!




Your day is important, and I know that you want every little detail to be special however with just a little time you can create the most memorable centrepieces for basically under $20 each table! Below is a recap on where you can purchase each item, but don’t take my word for it – try your local op shops and see what you can find.

You can also find some REALLY great tips and tricks on bride.com.au, read up on natural flower crowns, matching your bridesmaids dresses, even find some inspiration from real weddings and the best part – ideas on where to take your honeymoon! Don’t forget you can also read it all in their magazine here which you can purchase online. So head over to see more posts like this and start planning your day! Oh…and congratulations 🙂


Op Shop
Glasses: $1 each
Jars: $1.50 each
Frame $1.50 each
Vase: $2
Cutlery: 20c each

Grocery Store
Flowers: $10 a bunch
Lolly Buffet: various prices depending on what you want.

Reject Shop
Closed Jars: $1 each

Chalk Board Paint: $12

My Own
Vintage Cameras: from my collection

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