Last chance to win!

Does the end of the year bring you back to school days? Those bubbly butterflies flittering around in your stomach because you get to come to school with casual clothes on, and bring chips and drink for in school parties? And the end of year concert…nerves and fidgeting as you await your turn on the Theatre stage to dance to the monster mash in your glow in the dark skeleton onesie that your Mum created….WAY before Tim from big brother made them famous!!

That’s how I feel every end of year, people get more relaxed as more after work beers are downed, and a casual atmosphere permeates through the air, the winding down, it’s all very very exciting! This winding down is also happening here at WTSTA…the giveaways have been massive and one of the bigger round of giveaways we have seen here! Thanks to 8 really great business’s who have been able to offer you gifts that are beyond amazing, a quick wrap up will give you some of your last chances to enter them below…

greensmoothie1Giveaway 1 was all about putting the goodness into your body, Green Smoothie Co offers a weeks supply of green smoothie sachets to get you started on a healthy alternative. There are so many flavours and packs for that health buff in your life, check it all out on their website here.

marinasambrosiaaGiveaway 2 explored the wonders of mineral makeup thanks to Marina’s Ambrosia, offering my readers a makeup kit to get you on the mineral bandwagon – she has so many makeup and skin care options available, why not have a look at them all here.

ocd1Giveaway 3 is quite easily close to my heart, Obsessive Creative Designs created the Flamingo jumpsuit for me! Kirsty is giving one away with a choice of material…the OCD blog talks about her latest range so why not check that out here.

macramake1Giveaway 4 brings back the DIY to your life! Macramake basically make it easy for you to DIY your own hanging macrame’ holders, they are not only 70’s chic but they are fun and cute too, you can win a crafternoon pack with them so why not check out the website here to figure out your favourite colours.

eco4Giveaway 5 hit me in the face with eco goodness, the Eco Store are giving away a gift pack chock-a-block FULL of eco-friendly, enviro-friendly and not tested on animal products for you to try out. They have everything you need for every day life – head to their website here to find out more.

IMG_0330Giveaway 6 has me so comfortable it’s not even funny! I love linen, a true statement for me but also the name of the business that’s giving away a $100 voucher! Chevron throws, cutesy cushions and high quality sheets – I even have my own must have list, head over to it here and browse what I love!

shutini1Giveaway 7 is the only summer sandal you’ll need! Shutini put colour back into your life with so many different options. Check out the Shutini collection here on their website, they also have heels and wedges!

migoals1Giveaway 8 is about keeping your goals alive! So close to New Years, Mi goals journals will keep you on track with goals, to do lists, and bucket lists and they are giving away a stationery gift pack! head over to Mi Goals website now and peruse their great range.

QUESTIONSGiveaway 9 is a little mystery loving! I have put together a gift pack of things received by sponsors over the year and am giving them to you! It’s another easy entry, just head here and tell me what you like to hear about on the blog the most!

You all have until CHRISTMAS EVE 12pm to enter, the 24th of December is the last day to get your comments in! I announce winners on Christmas Day so come back after you have stuffed your little bellies of many treats and find out if you have won. Merry Christmas to you all xoxo

10 thoughts on “Last chance to win!

  1. It would seem that mum did a lot of things that ended up trends!! SHe is a trendsetter! I now have to go back and check which ones I haven’t entered yet!

  2. Winding up things things for the year has been great fun in this house. I am having a blast with lots of dinners, concerts, way too much eating and it is not even Christmas/New Years yet! My husband has already pulled out his goals for 2013 and been ticking them off, I didn’t set any this year I just went with the flow. Thanks for the fun! Virginia –

  3. I love linen (i follow her on instagram) and the eco store products. Good that the word is spreading. I love colour and eco stuff and gardening and happiness.

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