Mystery WTSTA Pack GIVEAWAY 9!

The blog receives quite a lot of extra products, and at the moment the WTSTA HQ is chock-a-block full of things that I love! So with that…I am giving you the opportunity to win a mystery prize pack full of some products that I have gathered which I KNOW you will love. To Enter:  Just let me know what you like reading about on the blog…OR what you would like to see for 2014?QUESTIONSJust a reminder to get your comments on the blog in and sharing to double your chance. A simple comment with your email address and a share and you could win one of the 9 AMAZING products that have been featured through December…how great are these giveaways this year? I can’t wait to find out who the winners are.

You have until CHRISTMAS EVE 12pm to get your comments in…that’s only one more week away…time is ticking, get commenting and sharing RIGHT NOW to win one of the following (click the links to go to the blog post) I’ll be announcing Christmas Day when you are all stuffed with food and looking for a rest so don’t forget to keep an eye on all of the business’s facebook pages and the blog for announcements.

A quick look through the last 2 weeks….

Green Smoothie Co. mix it up gift pack

Marina’s Ambrosia makeup pack

Obsessive Creative Designs “Adelle” jumpsuit

2 x Macramake’s crafternoon DIY kits

Eco store $100 Voucher

I love linen $100 gift voucher

Shutini summer shoes and straps

Migoals gift pack AND

The WTSTA Mystery Giveaway pack!

If YOU want to win one of the 9 giveaways, It’s quite simple, just comment on any of the 9 giveaways ON THE BLOG, you must leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Also, if you share on social media, just let me know in your comment and I will double your chance! What are you waiting for?

23 thoughts on “Mystery WTSTA Pack GIVEAWAY 9!

  1. I’d love to see more op shop antics (that’s how i found your blog to begin with). I also loved the feature you used to do, the wardrobe make over and styling! So more of that too please 🙂

    • I have been a bit lack lustre in that department I’ll admit, restyle took it out of me a little after 2 months of heavy op shopping and styling. BUT…you have reminded me of how much fun that side is, i’ll be popping that on my great big list of things you want to see and i look forward to getting back to basics on one of the many reasons why I started the blog.

      I do have a lot of charitable things that are not exactly op shop but VERY similar coming up…but op shop stuff – back on the list. Thanks for the suggestions Donna xx

  2. I have just bought a set of Shutini shoes for my 17 year for Xmas. I’m sure she will love them. Can’t wait to see them myself. 🙂

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  4. I particularly enjoy the home and lifestyle type stuff, it’s all great to read though, so I’ll sit on the fence and say a bit of everything!

  5. Mystery things are my favourite things ever!! So much fun… and a little surprise in my humdrum life is a really good thing 😉 In 2014 why not keep a mystery theme going.. I also like skincare, things for kids, pampering things for mums, and good buy type advice. thanks heaps! Monique

    • Thanks Monique I like the idea, i think ‘mystery’ may be teetering on the edge of “ so I may have to come up with a different concept 🙂 surprises perhaps! Everybody loves a surprise!

      However…everything is noted! Thanks for commenting and good luck with your double entry x

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