migoals5We all have goals, big or small, it’s crazy to go on with life if you don’t have things to look forward to? My goals are as little as “Do not eat chocolate today” and as big as “Be a columnist for Cosmo Magazine”…but I’ll admit, sometimes, we can lose sight of them due to being busy at work and every day life takes hold! That’s why Mi-goals really is your goal reminder! THEIR goal is to inspire you to dream big, achieve more and become who you want to be. Their stationery is the first step. By providing you with the framework to reach your goals and to get more done they believe you can achieve anything.

Mi goals super cute journals, diaries and sketch books are enough to make anyone want to write their goals down and try to stick to them. I personally like the “Get Sh*t done” journal, because I like swearing and I am highly immature 🙂 oh and the Bucket List journal – because we ALL have things we want to do before we die, how great is it to at least have it all written down in one place!? These are great little gifts too and affordable to grab a few.

One of Migoals “GOAL” is to give YOU the opportunity to write your own goals down, head to the website here and facebook here then comment below and tell me what your goal is BIG OR SMALL, or some bucket list items? Just by doing this you can win a very cool Migoals gift pack.

If YOU want to win one of the 9 giveaways, It’s quite simple, just comment on any of the 9 giveaways ON THE BLOG, you must leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Also, if you share on social media, just let me know in your comment and I will double your chance! What are you waiting for?

43 thoughts on “Mi Goals XMAS GIVEAWAY 8!

  1. My house will be finished in Feb/March 2014 and my goal for next year will be to turn the house into our very own HOME!! And maybe with some of my very own styling I will get a spot on the WTSTA blog 😉

  2. My goal next year is to be more organized.. Living a less cluttered, less busy, life. More time for me, more time for hubby, more time with my kids 😄😄

  3. What gorgeous stationary. Sharing here, there and everywhere. Now as far as goals go, I have too many and I think perhaps it’s time to wipe them all and start the year with no goals other than do what makes me happy more often.

  4. Lovely gift to start out the year, indeed!
    My goals are many but up narrow it down I’m mostly going to be focusing on getting over my public speaking fears and start teaching both online and in person for hands-on classes for Hair and Makeup. Sharing my knowledge will certainly feel great! Adding to that, taking better care of my body through exercise and meditation is a non negotiable goal as well for 2014!

  5. Loveeeeee these!

    My goal is to prove to the world that short, little girl who was once too shy to face the day or people, can turn the journalism and PR world around. Here’s to proving good things come in small packages.
    Also shared on FB!

  6. I have a BIG goal this year which has got me wetting my pants everytime I think of it!!
    I am going to create my very own Merredin Fashion Festival!!
    I can’t bloody wait, but that means lots to do therefore a lot of practicing my balancing

  7. While some people go skydiving or bungee jumping for a thrill, i have always said i want to go cage diving with sharks. Given that next year is my big 3 0 i want to do it for my birthday!!! My goal for the new year and one to tick off the bucket list!!

  8. My life goal is to be a major part of creating a healthy Australia 😀 every single person has the right to experience how amazing healthy feels and other than that my goal is to move to the country with my little family and get a pet pig ha ha I love pigs ;p – shared on FB x

  9. My goal for 2014 is to be a better version of myself whilst using my time wisely. With Mi goals motivational stationary I will be sure to stay on track…full steam ahead.

  10. Mi goal is to give up all fizzy drinks from 1st Jan. i am especially keen to stop drinking Pepsi Max due to the artifical sweetners. Hoping it improves my health.

    Liked on facebook too

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  12. These are so hot babe!

    My new goal is to become more sustainable in the way I approach my fashion choices and to become a more concious consumer. I am going to attempt to purchase only products manufactured ethically or from a thrift shop. My goal is to choose clothes manufactured in Australia, US, UK or Europe to support fair working conditions and also build up a quality wardrobe.

    Being that my goals are so large, Obviously I need this prize 🙂


  13. My big goal in 2014 is purchasing a block of land – this will mean making lots of lists of how to budget and thinking how we can make extra money. I am going to try to sell some of our treasures at the markets or ebay them. Wish me luck!
    As for bucket list item would love to go sky diving (not sure if the budget would allow me though). We have gone to do it two times and had to back out due to bad weather. My husband and I like doing lots of adrenaline crazy stuff.
    Tweeted too.
    Thanks – Virginia vkmason@hotmail.com

  14. Love the stationery! One can never have too much stationery 🙂 goals for next year? If I was more organised, I would have this worked out already! I think it goes without saying I need to get more organised and that will help other things fall into place eg: finding more time to do the things I love and make me happy – playing music, painting / drawing, cooking, seeing family and friends etc. I’m hoping if i keep it simple, I might achieve my goals this year! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone xo

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