Crazy Prints @ Enex100 Shopping party.

Wave a shopping night in front of my face mid week and you can guarantee I’ll be there with bells on (jingle bells of course!!) Enex100 really did put on the works last week at the Inspire Shopping party, with so many discounts and fantastic free food and drink on offer it was hard not to feel the spirit of Christmas. I took Steve along from the ride as we ventured from shop to shop in the Enex100 building which to me is not a stranger, Dangerfield and Gingham & Heels really are my one stop shops for my style! But being given the opportunity to wander through stores I didn’t venture into much was really exciting.

I took my time trying on plenty of things and discovering the amazing offers all night, Steve was pretty happy with free pizza and we both benefited (maybe not hips-wise though) from a 2 for 1 burger at The Burger Edge. If you are on my Instagram, I spent all night telling you guys about the offers – in fact a few of you even rushed down when you found out that up to 30% off some stores were part of the Inspire Shopping party!

I walked out with my loot of goodies (see below) but also so you can get a feel for what’s available in the stores right now for Christmas, here is a snippet of our night…and what I purchased!

photo 1-2

photo 2-1

photo-7Entire outfit from Gingham & Heels

enex100Shirt, Salt & Pepper shakers, Hat & Fiesta skirt from Dangerfield, Jumpsuit from Gingham & Heels

I hope YOU can find the perfect outfit for Christmas day at Enex100, what’s your favourite shop in the centre? 😉

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